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life insurance application Everyone needs life insurance, to protect themselves and to protect their families when things go wrong. There are hundreds of life insurance options available from companies all over the world, but all have one thing in common: questions. The life insurance application is one of the most in-depth pieces of paperwork you will ever fill out, and it also happens to be one of the most important.

Every life insurance application asks very standard questions, such as your name, Social Security number and age. The questions get more specific, asking for your height, weight, eye color and hair color. You will be asked to give an idea about your blood pressure, which will be checked by a nurse or doctor later in the process and a blood test will likely also be done to test your cholesterol levels.

Questions then get a little more confusing, and you may wonder why they are being asked. A life insurance application will ask about your driving history, and your record will be checked. Statistics show that people who are prone to vehicle accidents and speeding tickets are a higher risk to insure, and your premiums will increase.

Other standard questions on a life insurance application include obvious choices such as your health history and any previous illnesses, surgeries and conditions, as well as any current or past nicotine, alcohol or drug use and medications you are taking. You will also likely be asked on your life insurance application about your family’s medical history, to show if there is a genetic likelihood you will be afflicted with certain conditions.

Be honest with your answers, as nearly all reputable life insurance companies will require you to undergo a physical with an approved doctor in order to qualify. Lying on the application will be found out, and is not tolerated by any good insurance provider.


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